Maybe it’s been this way for a while and we just didn’t notice, but loneliness is getting a lot of attention from healthcare professionals lately. 

One obvious reason is COVID-19, which has forced people to socially distance or isolate themselves, and has severely limited in-person interactions, especially for older adults. 

Another reason is the increasing evidence of its negative effects on our health — like Social isolation and loneliness are associated with increased mortality and higher health care spending in older adults.

Loneliness is bad on your body

Today’s hearing fact is just more proof that loneliness is bad on your body. 

So why are we writing about loneliness? Because hearing loss has been linked to a higher risk of social isolation and loneliness — and is also one of the few causes of loneliness that is treatable! 

Listen, you don’t need to be physically affected to know that feeling disconnected or isolated from family and friends hurts. All the more reason to treat your hearing loss and put yourself in a better position to avoid loneliness and all its harmful consequences. 

If hearing loss is making your feelings of loneliness worse, schedule an appointment today for a hearing consultation. It’s easier than you think.